Monday, October 28, 2013

Five Letter Word

It has been a very busy day for me today; in fact ever since I’m back in Malaysia, I’m occupied almost every day. Just got back from Australia 3 weeks ago and I’m flying off again on this Friday. Life has been good all these while. God has been good to me, shows after shows. What triggers me to write today was this 5 simple letter word, money.

“To achieve your first million is easy; to remain the same person in you in the process of achieving it is the hardest part, followed by what you become after that” (Anonymous).  

It can be a lifesaver but at the same time, killer. No doubt, people are starting to live a better life compared 10 years back, more and more millionaires, more skyscrapers, and more luxurious lifestyle. You hunger for more when you got it. Human nature I guess.

But money? 

Family breaks apart, siblings’ war over properties, assassination. Driving in a luxury car, surrounded by many friends but can’t find someone who is genuinely there for them. Stays in a mansion but speak problems to the thin air. Same goes to the OTHER side of society. Arguing about monthly expenses, work extra jobs and cause health problems, cracking head when it comes to medical expenses, tends to rob, assassination, cause abusing issues, prostitutions, kidnapping. Human can go further beyond anything for money. Temptation. Lust. It is said that money is the root of all evils. Human’s lives are valued by paper notes.

However, money helped many society in this world, contributes in world development and economy, significant growth in medical sector which produces numerous of vaccines and save many lives, makes the trading fairer, a reward and merits of hardwork, a reason to push the limits further.  “Money is not everything but it’s a necessity” (Harry Fung from HF Global Corporate Financial Solutions). So what is your definition for this five simple letter word?

Controversial topic.  

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